Portronics i konnect-3 lightning to 3.5 mm audio adapter for iPhone (Black)


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  • Play your favourite playlist : The ikonnect 3 headphones jack adapter is designed to show your creative curated musical choices. Connect 8 pin/lightning to 3.5 mm speakers and make the party groove on your music. Have you got a perfect playlist for a road trip but your phone doesn’t support AUX? Never be in situations like these with ikonnect 3 8pin/lightning to 3.5 mm audio adapter. Keep the music flowing with ikonnect 3.
  • Smart Convert : Ikonnect 3 is built-in with a DAC(Digital to Analog) Chip That converts digital audio information to analog audio signals. The chip also ensures that the quality of the audio is maintained when converted from one digital to analog.
  • Stereo Surround : The audio jack converter supports Stereo sound to give you HD sound quality over speakers, headphones, headsets and car stereo.
  • Compatibility : ikonnect 3 supports all major Apple devices or those that have a lightning port. It’s compatible with iPhone 13,12,11 ( mini,pro & max) converts audio from 8 pin/lightning to 3.5 mm AUX-in a jiffy.
  • Pair to go : Just connect the ikonnect via Bluetooth on your smartphone and enjoy seamlessly lag-free and clear audio
  • Durable : The cable is covered with a premium coating that makes the cable flexible for use while also making it shockproof and gives a premium feel when you hold the cable in your hands making ikonnect 3 3.5mm audio converter jack dependable and durable.
  • Portable : Compact and flexible ikonnect 3 can fit anywhere and everywhere so that your relationship with music does not have long distances. At Portronics we believe in small wonders and ikonnect 3 8 pin/lighting to 3.5mm AUX adapter is somewhat of a small utility wonder. Designs that are minimal in design and maximum in quality to port you to the Future.

Portronics ikonnect 3, 8 pin to 3.5 mm AUX Connector





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